/ Theater abstracts (volumes I and II)

Theater abstracts (volumes I and II)

Investigación: Imelda Lobato y Leslie Zelaya

More than 1,500 bibliographic and newspaper references on the history, theory and technique of theater.

CITRU provides you with this consulting tool that so far has gathered 1,500 bibliographic and newspaper references with their corresponding summaries, all publications on the most important topics on the history, the theory and the technique of theater, which in recent decades had been edited and translated into Spanish.

Rely on this research tool to find complete, reliable and up to date information on the most diverse theater topics.

Get to know all the newspaper and bibliographic references of the Abstracts through their titles, authors or thematic sections. You can also search using keywords.

The documentary materials which are mentioned in the Abstracts can be found in the document archives of Study of Scenography (Escenología A. C.); Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Library (Biblioteca Juan Ruiz de Alarcón), INBA’s School of Theatrical Art (Escuela de Arte Teatral del INBA); Arts Library (Biblioteca de las Artes), National Center for the Arts (Centro Nacional de las Artes); UNAM’s Samuel Ramos Library and Central Library (Biblioteca Samuel Ramos y Biblioteca Central, UNAM); Cosío Villegas Library, The College of Mexico (Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas, Colegio de México); Latin American University Library (Biblioteca de la Universidad Iberoamericana); La Salle University Library (Biblioteca de la Universidad La Salle); the library of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Unidad Xochimilco; and Mexico Library, Department of Public Education (Biblioteca México, Secretaría de Educación Pública).