Lo que yo soy...es teatro 3

“What I Am Is… Theater”. A Hundred Years after the Birth of Rodolfo Usigli, vol. 3

Researchers: Guillermo Schmidhuber, José Ramón Alcántara, Guillermina Fuentes, Octavio Rivera, Alejandro Ortiz.

Carrying out: Rodolfo Obregón

Be witness to this long conversation between six voices about the life and work of Mexican dramatist Rodolfo Usigli.

Prominent experts in Mexican theater discuss the life and work of dramatist Rodolfo Usigli within the framework of the national tribute to this author on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

Usigli created a Mexican theater and was the teacher of important generations of authors and stage artists who made that concept a reality. Researchers see him in relation to three thematic focuses: his biography and his intense personality as a writer; his relationship with nationalism and the cultural context of the Mexico in which he carried out a paramount part of his dramatic art; and finally, the significance that his work has had beyond its historical moment.