Una mirada a la vida y obra de Sergio Magaña 1924-1990

A glance at the life and work of Sergio Magaña 1924-1990

Leslie Zelaya, Imelda Lobato, Julio César López

Secretaría de Cultura de Michoacán / CONACULTA / INBA-CITRU
México, 2006
330 p.

Cruce de Vías; 3

In this edition, done along with Michoacán’s Culture Department as an homage to one of the most distinguished people born there, the aesthetic and literary contributions of Sergio Magaña (1924-1990) —the greatest playwright of the second half of the Mexican 20th century—, born in Tepalcatepec, are valued. Within a story recounted by several voices, the book is structured under the following chapter list: “A Glance at the Writing of Sergio Magaña”, a study advancing an interpretation hypothesis on the trajectory, aesthetics and style of the playwriting of Sergio Magaña; “Sergio Magaña by himself”, where the re-telling mentions meaningful personal and professional moments of his personal biography in his different facets as a writer, composer, teacher, journalist and cultural public servant, “Stage History of Playwriting”, presentations, technical files, photographs, programs, posters, reviews and testimonials by the author, documenting the stage history of his dramatic texts. “Literary Work”, a compilation of the log of writings by Magaña in the different genres in which he wrote (playwriting, narrative, critique) and in several publication formats (books, periodical publications, films); and, finally, “Sources for His Study”, a chapter intended as a bibliography-periodical publishing reference and as an anthology of studies and/or critical reviews published in books, magazines and newspapers on the playwriting and staging of the works of Sergio Magaña.

The annex includes a map of the constellation of creators (directors, actors, stage designers, lighting technicians, costumers, musicians, producers and institutions) who throughout several decades and with greater or lesser consistency merged with the stagings that gave life to his dramatic texts.