Catálogo de obra de Emilio Carballido: vol. II (1968-1989)

Emilio Carballido’s catalog of work: vol. II (1968-1989)

Socorro Merlín

México, 2002
235 p.

Continuing with Socorro Merlín’s project on making an inventory of Emilio Carballido’s literary work, this volume offers a record of the plays, novels, tales, scripts, articles and texts written between 1968 and 1989. Just like in the previous volume, the reference sheets are grouped into two decades and have an internal order, information about original titles, creation date, publishing place and date, and as to theater: place, date, and the premiere´s cast. The catalog is enriched with comments which the author calls “environmental context”, “anecdotal context/summary”, and other comments on registered literary works.