La cuarta dimensión del teatro: tiempo, espacio y video en la escena moderna

The fourth dimention of theater: Time, space and video in the modern play

Josefina Alcázar

(Revised and expanded edition)

México, 2011
213 p.

With emphasis on the theory of theater at the turn of the century, this investigation explores the correlation between technological development and culture, mainly theater. At the beginning, the study explores the innovations in technology late in the 19th century, such as substitution of gas lamp by electric light, which transformed light into an essential element of the stage; the impact of movies, TV and video. It explores the influence of today’s digital technologies in 21st century theater, when virtual performance is a reality. Finally, these variables are essential for a theater “that crosses borders, doesn’t respect old limits among visual representations, but causes incursions into them and transform them into new dramatic elements”.