La estética en la dramaturgia de Emilio Carballido

Aesthetics in the playwriting of Emilio Carballido

Socorro Merlín

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California / CITRU
Mexicali, Baja California, 2009
286 p.

The wide variety in the trajectory of Emilio Carballido (1925-2008) as a man of theater is studied here, along with his tireless work as a driver of cultural actions which enriched the cultural life of Mexico. From a multi-disciplinary methodology (integrating concepts, classifications and approaches by canon specialists like Ryngaert, Ubersfeld, Jauss, Brunner, Bourdieu, Gadamer), his playwriting is analyzed and interpreted as a cultural and artistic product, by taking as a model six written works between the years 1995 and 2000: The Dance the Turtle Dreams, Quiet Bald Chickens, They Are About to Throw You Your Corn!, The Sea and Its Mysteries, Vicente and Ramona (The Story of the Indigenous Alonso), Chinese Foxes and Deceased of the End of the Century. The entries setting the order of the analysis and interpretation of each work also inform on their dramatic context, the fable’s micro-sequences, critical analysis, intrigue, time and space, dialogue resources, spectacular context and its distribution and reception. In the annexes can be found a chronology of work, a set of interviews with Emilio Carballido and with directors who staged his plays: Dagoberto Guillaumin, Ricardo Ramírez Carnero, Arturo Nava, Jaime Velasco, Víctor Carpinteiro, Janet Pinela and Carlos Corona. The book comes with a CD: Commentated Catalog of Emilio Carballido’s Work, vols. I, II and III, made by the author.