Catálogo comentado de la obra de Emilio Carballido (vols. I, II y III)

Commented catalog on the work of Emilio Carballido (vols. I, II & III)

Socorro Merlín

Design and Programming: Alberto Figueroa

CD (Image and Sound of the Theater Collection, in Digital Library 1)

Inventory of the multifaceted literary work of Emilio Carballido (1925-2008), in its diverse genres: drama, novel, tale, journalistic articles, scripts and editions, chronologically ordered in three volumes: from 1946 to 1967, from 1968 to 1989, and from 1990 to 2002. The registers are composed by reference files on the titles, dates of creation, publication and premiere of the drama texts; annotations, synopsis and commentaries about each one of the registered literary materials; as well as a timeline and a sound library for each volume. As an extra, it includes the study “The Imaginary and the Oneiric”, where the author analyzes and interprets, from a hermeneutic standpoint, 14 unrealist dramas, the majority of them as a singular action written by Emilio Carballido between 1946 to 1958.