Coloquio de Investigación Teatral 2006-2007

Symposium of Theater Research 2006-2007


During the period of time between August 2006 and June 2007, the Symposium of Theater Research took place at CITRU with the aim of favoring a space for dialogue and analysis for the academic projects of this community. The call was made by an organizing committee formed by researchers Rocío Galicia, Guillermina Fuentes, Socorro Merlín, Antonio Escobar, Miguel Ángel Vásquez, Rodolfo Obregón and Ileana Diéguez.

A total of 16 papers were read, which were discussed by CITRU’s researchers, professionals of other research centers and academics from other institutions.

Manuel Peredo, Nineteenth Century Theater Critic
Ponencia de Paper by: Miguel Ángel Vázquez
Commented by: Josefina Brun
August 1st 2006

Territory of Conflict. Current Playwriting of the North of Mexico.
Paper by: Rocío Galicia
Commented by: José Ramón Alcántara and Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda
August 15th 2006

Last Reflections on the Work of Jesús González Dávila.
Paper by: Antonio Escobar
Commented by: Luz Emilia Aguilar
September 12th 2006

Four-Stage Proposals in Mexico City During the 1940’s.
Paper by: Guillermina Fuentes
Commented by: Aimeé Wagner
September 22nd 2006

Towards a Three-Dimensional Model of Stage Research.
Paper by: Sergio Honey
Commented by: Hilda Islas
September 26th 2006

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Panic Theater.
Paper by: Angélica García
Commented by: Daniel González Dueñas
October 11th 2006

Notes on the Evolution of Lighting in Mexican Theaters.
Paper by: Sergio López y Julieta Rivas
Commented by: Alejandro Luna
October 24th 2006

The Dramatic Quality in a Pre-Hispanic Celebration.
Paper by: Martha Toriz
Commented by: Guillermina Fuentesy Socorro Merlín
November 22nd 2006

Introduction to The Impostor (El gesticulador) By Rodolfo Usigli From a Genre Perspective.
Paper by: Elizabeth Gómez
Commented by: América Luna
November 28th 2006

Ignacio Retes. Occupation: Theater Practitioner.
Paper by: Jovita Millán
Commented by: Félida Medina
January 23th 2007

Iconography of the Mexican Stage. The Tangible and Intangible History of the Photographic Document.
Paper by: Héctor Quiroga
Commented by: Pedro Ángeles
February 6th 2007

The Use of New Technologies in XX Century Stage Arts.
Paper by: Omar Moscoso
Commented by:
Martha Toriz y Bruno de Vecchi
February 14th 2007

Dramatic Quality and Liminal Stages. Artistic and Socio-Aesthetical Practices.
Paper by: Ileana Diéguez
Commented by: Ana Virginia Pérez
February 23th 2007

Hellenic Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Helénico), Authors’ Convergence or Clash.
Paper by: Patricia Chavero
Commented by: Ana Virginia Pérez
March 13th 2007